Qi Gong

Qi Gong

LI Quan Cai
Qigong means in Chinese “energy work” or “work with breath”. This lineage transmits the Qigong teachings on inner work (Neigong), movement work (LI tradition Taiji) and meridians.

Ched studied Qi Gong with LI Quan Cai when he migrated to Singapore in 1993.

Lineage of Ched's Qi Gong study:

* WANG Zhu Yuan, a Master from Qing dynasty era,
* LI Tian Lu, Doctor of Chinese Traditional Medicine
* LI Yu Zhan and LIANG Shan Peng,
* LI Quan Cai, board member of several Qigong-Acupuncture-Tuina research institutions, practice centres and clinic in Liaoning Province, retired with over 40 years’ experience