He who knows others is wise.
He who knows himself is enlightened.
Tao Te Ching

An Hour Of Reiki Workshop
Interactive, informal and demystifying

Open to those with or without reiki experience, experienced practitioners have also found this session rewarding.
I welcome and recommend this workshop for treatment clients, their families and groups seeking cohesion.
See the dates | RSVP
You are welcome to:
 + suggest dates/times that work for you
 + form your own group
 + come as a group
Programme: (60 mins - up to 90 mins)
- 5 elements of reiki work
- teaching of a foundational breathing exercise from the Japanese tradition
- energetic experience
- Q&A

RSVPs necessary, with a group of max 5
Payment: Any sum is appreciated from individuals
* Consider bringing a pair of warm socks as we would be bare-foot during the workshop

Groups seeking cohesion - Programme: 
Integrating your group's personality, intentions, needs and parameters, I work collaboratively with the organiser. As preparation work is necessary, please enquire and reserve early