Discover your true self Liberate your life force

A healthy person is not perfect but perfectible,

Not a done deal but a work in progress.

Discover your true self Liberate your life force

Mindfulness Energy Inner work

Experiential Workshop integrating the full Reiki 1 Shoden curriculum

21-24 February 2011
14h30 – 16h45
Ched’s studio

What this workshop is about

Self-healing and self-discovery is at the heart of this 4 half-day journey. You will step into a deeper awareness of yourself as you discover, revive and release your energetic life force integrating all aspects of your being: mind, body, emotions, spirit, and your will.

Ched’s approach

Ched partners with you through a supportive learning process as we purify, analyse and transform our energetic systems. Using the Reiki* model as vehicle, Ched creates the space of security, starting from exactly where you are and allowing your authentic self to emerge. She integrates the tradition of transmission while working through theory, techniques and exercises. From her multiple heritage of experiential learning, she explores skills, choices and action when dealing with our obstacles such as weakness, anxiety, fear and anger.

*Reiki is a system of energetic and inner work developed by Mikao Usui (1865-1926), from the samurai Chiba clan, master of Shugendo (proto-aikido martial art) and a lay Buddhist practitioner.


Feel, think, want and express from a true solid sense of self. With these skills for a lifetime of transformation, you nurture the basis of your health, bringing greater energy, consciousness, and choice to the life you are creating.

Staying healthy takes discipline, work and patience, which is why our life is a journey and a heroic one. - David Richo

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